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Ukraine has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe with a majority of the affected population living in the southern and eastern regions of the country. At risk populations including orphans and vulnerable children, people who inject drugs, and commercial sex workers suffer the social and economic impacts of living in these areas of high HIV prevalence and are at increased risk of infection and discrimination. The aim of UNITUS is to provide access to healthcare, social services, and educational opportunities for vulnerable populations, and to decrease the spread of socially significant diseases.

By creating a network of support and care we can protect the health of at risk populations and decrease the prevalence of socially significant diseases in the Mykolayiv region. Unfortunately, UNITUS can’t do all of this alone. We need the support of the international community to help battle stigma and improve services for these vulnerable populations. Without the generous donations from our community and international partners, we could not carry out our mission. Join us in helping to improve our community in Mykolayiv, Ukraine.

Our Mission

-To decrease the prevalence of socially significant diseases in Mykolayivs'ka Oblast

- Supporting and protecting the rights of socially vulnerable groups

- Forging coalitions with other non-governmental organizations and government agencies to increase the

capacity for development in the Mykolayiv region.

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About Us

UNITUS was established in 2000 with goals to decrease the prevalence of socially significant diseases, supportand protect the rights of vulnerable groups, and mobilize the efforts of public and state organizations in the Mykolayiv, Ukraine region to increase the capacity of health in development. Past projects we’ve implementedhave been funded with the help of organizations such as UNICEF, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Alliance for Public Health.

By working to build a coalition composed of local NGOs and government agencies, we’ve been able to create a network of medical and social services made accessible to vulnerable populations. UNITUS continues to develop this coalition today, and strives to provide sustainable, high quality support to those in need.

About Us